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Prof. Esterling on primary elections and representation

An article in WalletHub examines which state in the US is most representative of the whole population and asks whether a state's representativeness ought to influence the order in which the states hold their primaries. The article consults several experts...

The Department's Political Science Honors Society

The department's honor society (Pi Sigma Alpha) now has an official webpage on the department's website! You can find the website here: https://politicalscience.ucr.edu/psa

Prof. Grittersova at the Paris School of Economics

Prof. Grittersova spends the Academic Year 2023-24 as a visiting professor at the Paris School of Economics (at the invitation of Professor Eric Monnet). Prof. Grittersova is also co-organizing the 2024 The Rimini Centre for Economic Analysis International Conference in...

Prof. Brookes wins grants from the James Irvine Foundation and the Inland Empire Community Foundation

Prof Marissa Brookes, along with Ellen Reese, Michael Bates, and Richard Rodriguez, has been awarded grants from The James Irvine Foundation to support the UCR Inland Empire Labor and Community Center's capacity as well as a grant from the Inland...

Recent Publications

When are Identities Politically Consequential?

Benjamin G. Bishin and Harry G. Muttram

Jesus was a Refugee: Religious Values Framing can Increase Support for Refugees Among White Evangelical Republicans

Stephanie L. DeMora, Jennifer L. Merolla, Brian Newman & Elizabeth J. Zechmeister

Public mass shootings cause large surges in Americans’ engagement with gun policy

Tyler T Reny, Benjamin J Newman, John B Holbein, & Hans J G Hassell


UCR's Inland Empire Labor and Community Research Center
New center to study labor issues in the Inland Empire
Inland Empire Labor and Community Research Center at UC Riverside is one of five UC centers meant to advance timely labor research.
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Are you voting for a populist candidate?
Study highlights potential for populist leaders to undermine democracy.
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How is Europe responding to the coronavirus pandemic?
In hard-hit Europe, responses to COVID-19 could be lessons for the global community, says political economist Jana Grittersova
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Movement for census awareness swells in Inland Empire
In a two-county region at risk of an undercount, grassroots momentum has grown to ensure participation in the 2020 census
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