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Political Science Letter of Action in response to May 31 Student Letter

Who We Are

Political science is concerned with the systematic study of collective decision-making, whether through formal political processes such as elections or legislature or in less formalized venues in which actors compete for influence and power and seek to organize around particular goals or interests through, for example, the media or mass protests.

Our faculty study a wide variety of political phenomena and includes leading scholars across the fields of American politics, comparative politics, mass political behavior, international relations, and political theory. We are committed to providing our undergraduate and graduate students with a rigorous education that emphasizes critical thinking and the attainment of a skill set that will serve them in their future careers.

Become an Expert

Our undergraduate program prepares you to be a skilled political scientist trained to unpack the most complex societal, ideological, and behavioral political issues today.

Work with Faculty Who Care

Learn from professors who are energetic and passionate about what they do. They don’t just instruct, they work alongside you to help you conduct your own research, publish, and more.

Pursue a Career in Higher Education

Our graduate program is especially suited for those who want to pursue a career in higher education and professions in which the ability to conduct independent and original research is important. We offer superb training, small classes, great conferences, and excellent post-graduation placement.

The Department of Political Science is committed to maintaining an inclusive and diverse environment that promotes open exploration of ideas.

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