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Congressional Deaths & Party Control

Prof. Napolio's work with Christian Grose (USC) on majority party control mentioned in the New York Times: A Brief History of Consequential Deaths in Congress

Democratic Backsliding & Tourism

David Miller insights on democratic backsliding and tourists' vacation preferences

David Miller wins LSQ best paper award

Congratulations to Prof. David Miller on being awarded the Jewell-Loewenberg Award for the best American Politics article in Legislative Studies Quarterly in 2022 for "On Whose Door to Knock? Organized Interests’ Strategic Pursuit of Access to Members of Congress"!

Escaping Afghanistan

Ph.D. student Amena Sadat's journey to to UCR is featured in Inside UCR

Recent Publications

Do Public Housing Agencies Discriminate Against Latinos?

Authment, Jacob, Michelangelo Landgrave and Nicholas Weller

Roll-Call Voting Under Random Seating Assignment

Darmofal, Darmofal, Charles J. Finocchiaro, & Indridi H. Indridason.

The Effect of the Political Environment on White Women’s Political Ambition

DeMora, S. L., Lindke, C., Long, S., Merolla, J. L., & Osorio, M. A.


UCR's Inland Empire Labor and Community Research Center
New center to study labor issues in the Inland Empire
Inland Empire Labor and Community Research Center at UC Riverside is one of five UC centers meant to advance timely labor research.
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Are you voting for a populist candidate?
Study highlights potential for populist leaders to undermine democracy.
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How is Europe responding to the coronavirus pandemic?
In hard-hit Europe, responses to COVID-19 could be lessons for the global community, says political economist Jana Grittersova
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Movement for census awareness swells in Inland Empire
In a two-county region at risk of an undercount, grassroots momentum has grown to ensure participation in the 2020 census
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