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Our graduate program emphasizes rigorous and pluralistic methodological training along with a solid education in every branch of political inquiry.

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Justin Freebourn 

Email: justin.freebourn@gmail.com

Website: justinfreebourn.com

Field of study:  American Politics/Mass Behavior

Dissertation title: Fiscal Policy Preferences in the U.S. Context: Theory, measurement, and practice

Dissertation advisor: Jennifer Merolla


"Preferences for Single-party versus Multi-party Governments in the Mass Public” with Shaun Bowler, Todd Donovan, and Jack Vowles. 2022. Party Politics.

"The Power of Equality? Polarization and Collective Mis-representation on Gay Rights in Congress, 1989–2019” with Benjamin Bishin and Paul Teten. 2020. Political Research Quarterly.

"Constituent communication through telephone town halls: A field experiment involving members of Congress” with Claire Abernathy, Kevin Esterling, Ryan Kennedy, William Minozzi, Michael Neblo, and Jonathan Solis. Legislative Studies Quarterly.

Working Papers:

"Scientific Duty: On a socio-politico-technical model of ideology” submitted to Journal of Politics.

"Quantitative Textualism: A computational method and legal theory for drawing valid inferences from survey data” submitted to American Journal of Political Science.

“Towards an Integrative, Mathematical Model of Corporate Social Responsibility in Market-based Economic Systems” submitted to Academy of Management Perspectives.

“Policy Solidarity: Revisiting the Agrarian Theory of Justice” with Victoria Lam. Submitted to Academy of Management Perspectives.


Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, 2018, 2022


Sean Long 

Email: slong008@ucr.edu

Website: https://seandlong.github.io/

Fields of Study: Mass Political Behavior, Political Theory

Dissertation Title: The Politics of White Violence

Dissertation Advisors: Loren Collingwood and Farah Godrej


"White identity, Donald Trump, and the mobilization of extremism". 2022. Politics, Groups, and Identities, DOI: 10.1080/21565503.2022.2025868

"Demographic Change, White Decline, and the Changing Nature of Racial Politics in Election Campaigns" with Loren Collingwood and Stephanie DeMora. 2022.. In D. Osborne & C. Sibley (Eds.), The Cambridge Handbook of Political Psychology (Cambridge Handbooks in Psychology, pp. 228-242). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

 "Can States Promote Minority Representation? Assessing the Effects of the California Voting Rights Act" with Loren Collingwood. 2021. Urban Affairs Review, Vol. 57(3) 731–762, DOI: 10.1177/1078087419896854

Working Papers:

"Whites Don’t Punish Politicians for Explicit Racial Appeals," with Charles Crabtree, Under Review

"Emotional Engagement in the Year of the Woman" with Stephanie DeMora, Christian Lindke, Jennifer Merolla, and Maricruz Osorio, Under Review

"Women and Political Ambition: Running for Us or Running for Me?" with Stephanie DeMora, Christian Lindke, Jennifer Merolla, and Maricruz Osorio, Under Review


Graduate Student Mentorship Award, $6000: Dissertation related grant providing funding for one quarter to focus on research, UCR Political Science Department, Fall 2021

Graduate Student Research Award, $1500: Grant to field a survey experiment, UCR Political Science Department, Summer 2021

ICPSR Departmental Award: Funding to attend Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research at the University of Michigan, UCR Political Science Department, Summer 2020

Digital Humanities Fellowship: Funding to attend the Digital Humanities Summer Institute at the University of Victoria, UCR Graduate Quantitative Methods Center, Summer 2019