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Give Back

The Department of Political Science seeks to support high-quality research conducted by faculty and students on pressing political issues. We also seek to bring in scholars and speakers for talks and seminars on current events and recent advances in political science. We are committed to the ideal of equal opportunity, the advancement of scientific discourse, and academic excellence.

You can support the department's general mission in advancing research and training in political science, both inside and outside of the department, here.

We are also happy to discuss with you what opportunities are available if you are interested in offering support for particular aspects of the department’s mission. There are a variety of options:

  • Support the recruitment of undergraduate and graduate students
  • Support the training of undergraduates or graduate students
  • Support undergraduate, graduate, or faculty research
  • Contribute to building a pipeline for disadvantaged and/or underrepresented populations into professional and academic positions
  • Contribute to support research on particular issues or topics that you think deserve more attention
  • Contribute to the organization of public events dedicate to current events
  • Contribute to the department's existing research

If none of these are consistent with the activities you would like to support, we are happy to discuss the variety of options available to you. Simply put, we would be delighted to talk to you about how you can support our common goals!

If you want to know more about supporting the work of the department please contact Department Chair John Medearis at (951) 827-4612 or john.medearis@ucr.edu.