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We Help You Find Your Place

We have a strong record of placing graduates in academic positions at research universities and liberal arts colleges.

In recent years we have placed graduates at research institutions such as the University of California, San Diego; Virginia Tech; and the University of Connecticut.

We believe it is important for you to have accurate information about our program’s success in placing Ph.D. alumni in academic positions. 

See the Graduate Student Placement Handbook.

See Where Our Past Students Have Been Placed

Here is a complete list of students awarded a Ph.D. since 2010:


Year of PhD Name Field Position Institution Institution Type
2023 (exp) Nicholas Jenkins American Data Scientist General Motors Research
2023 Heba Hodaly Theory Assistant Professor Saddleback College Liberal Arts
2022 E. Stefan Kehlenbach Theory Assistant Professor SUNY Albany Research University
2022 Igor Acácio Comparative Post-doctoral Fellow Tulane University Research University
2022 Andrew Ivey Comparative Assistant Professor University of Houston-Downtown Research University
2022 (exp) Stephanie L. DeMora Mass Behavior Post-doctoral Fellow University of Pennsylvania Research University
2022 (exp) Maricruz Osorio Mass Behavior Assistant Professor Bentley University Research University
2021 Michelangelo Landgrave American Post-doctoral Fellow  Princeton University Research University
2021 Christina Gregory Comparative Assistant Professor Lamar University Liberal Arts
2020 Sono Shah Mass Behavior Computational Social Scientist Data Labs, Pew Research Center Research
2021 Sunny Shao Mass Behavior Research Associate Pew Research Center Research
2020 Kevin Pham Political Theory Assistant Professor University of Amsterdam Research
2020 Erinn Lauterbach American Assistant Professor Villanova University Research University
2019 Ricardo Crespo International Relations Assistant Professor Grossmont College Liberal Arts
2019 Collin Grimes Comparative Visiting Assistant Professor Skidmore College Liberal Arts
2019 Rudy Alamillo Mass Behavior Assistant Professor Western Washington University Liberal Arts
2019 Ian Oxnevad International Relations Visiting Assistant Professor UC Irvine Research University
2019 Anwar Hijaz Mass Behavior Assistant Professor Saddleback College Liberal Arts
2018 Steven Cauchon International Relations Assistant Professor Imperial Valley College Liberal Arts
2018 Kendra Weber Theory Assistant Professor Riverside Community College Liberal Arts
2018 Evan Prellberg Theory Coordinator for Undergraduate Research Morehead State University Liberal Arts
2017 Allan Colbern American Assistant Professor Arizona State University Research University
2017 Danielle Lemi Mass Behavior Post-doctoral Fellow Southern Methodist University Research University
2017 Whitney Mannies Theory Assistant Professor Baldwin Wallace University Liberal Arts
2016 Jaw-Nian (Ted) Huang Comparative Assistant Professor Tamkang University, Taiwan Research University
2016 Andrea Silva American Assistant Professor University of North Texas Research University
2015 Nicholas Boushee American Assistant Professor San Diego City Liberal Arts
2015 Carrie Skulley American Assistant Professor Albright College Liberal Arts
2015 Andrew Flores Mass Behavior Assistant Professor American University Research University
2015 Diego Esparza Comparative Assistant Professor University of North Texas Research University
2014 David S. McCahon American Program Analyst Resource Development Associates Private
2014 Brian Williams Comparative Assistant Professor SUNY, Cortland Liberal Arts
2014 Danijela Dudley Comparative Assistant Professor San Jose State University Liberal Arts
2013 Chris Haynes Mass Behavior Assistant Professor University of New Haven Liberal Arts
2013 Ray Wang Comparative Assistant Professor National Chengchi University Research University
2013 Antonio Ugues Jr., Comparative Assistant Professor St. Mary's College, Maryland Liberal Arts
2012 Cristina Nicolescu Waggonner Comparative Lecturer Pomona College, Pitzer College Liberal Arts
2012 Dennis Xavier Medina American Associate Professor University of Texas at Arlington Research University
2012 Dino Bozonelos American Assistant Professor Victor Valley College Liberal Arts
2012 Masahiro Omae Comparative Assistant Professor San Diego City College Liberal Arts
2012 Thomas Joseph Hayes American Assistant Professor University of Connecticut Research University
2012 Nancy A. Jimeno American Lecturer California State University, Fullerton Liberal Arts
2012 Mayia Shulga Theory Assistant Professor Lone Star College Liberal Arts
2011 Tak Kei Wong Comparative Assistant Professor University of California, San Diego Research University
2011 Cameron Jones Hastings Comparative Instructor (tenured) Glendale Community College Liberal Arts
2011 Charles Stanley Hilliard American      
2011 Byran Nevin Martin American Assistant Professor Houston Community College Liberal Arts
2010 Christina Leigh Caldwell Comparative Assistant Professor Santa Monica Community College Liberal Arts
2010 Shawn Richard Schulenberg Comparative Associate Professor Marshall University Liberal Arts