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Open Positions


The Department of Political Science, University of California, Riverside, is seeking a one-quarter temporary teaching position: Associate-In for the 2024/2025 academic year.

Qualifications: Qualified applicants will have an M.A. or higher degree and one-year teaching experience at the college level. The salary is $11,874.33* per course for an Associate-In position. The filling of the position is subject to budgetary approval and enrollment in the course.

Applications are welcome from persons qualified to teach:

POSC 125 United States Foreign Policy Since World War II: 4 Units, Lecture, 3 hours; research, 1 hour; extra reading, 1 hour; term paper, 1 hour. Prerequisite(s): upper-division standing or consent of instructor A survey and evaluation of the major developments in U.S. foreign policy from 1945 to the present. Focuses on relations with the Soviet Union, its successor states, and the Third World, within which the uses of force and diplomacy are emphasized.

POSC 168 Constitutional Law: Criminal Justice: 5 Units, Lecture, 3 hours; discussion, 1 hour; extra reading, 2 hours; term paper, 1 hour. Prerequisite(s): upper-division standing or consent of instructor. An examination of the rights of criminal defendants; the role of lawyers, police, prosecutors, and judges in the criminal process in the United States; and the function of criminal law.

POSC 180S The Politics of Public Health: 5 Units, Lecture, 3 hours; discussion, 1 hour; extra reading, 3 hours. Prerequisite(s): upper-division standing or consent of instructor. Focuses on the social, environmental, and political factors that shape population health. Utilizes public health topics to illustrate the fundamental problems of the politics of regulation and social policy. Credit is awarded for only one of POSC 180 or POSC 180S.

The position is open to current UCR graduate students only. The successful candidate must have a master’s degree or equivalent training, and at least one year of teaching experience.

As a condition of employment, you will be required to comply with the University of California SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Vaccination Program Policy. All Covered Individuals under the policy must provide proof of Full Vaccination or, if applicable, submit a request for Exception (based on Medical Exemption, Disability, and/or Religious Objection) or Deferral (based on pregnancy) no later than the applicable deadline. The applicable deadline for student employees the deadline for students. For students starting or returning to campus after Fall 2022, the deadline is the first date of instruction for the term when they first enroll.

How to Apply

Send your CV, most recent three quarters of teaching evaluations (if you have served as a TA or AI for this course, include that as well), and a cover letter detailing graduate and undergraduate coursework, teaching experience and research that are relevant to this course, to:

Professor Kevin Esterling, Chair of the Political Science Department: esterling@ucr.edu

Professor Nick Weller, Vice Chair of the Political Science Department: nweller@ucr.edu

Please submit application materials as soon as possible. Review of applications will begin August 16th. The positions will remain open until filled.

*Increment 1. Increment level is commensurate to experience.

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