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Political Science Alumni

  • Steven Ackerman, 1993
    Currently Health Dept. Chair at high school alma mater, University High School in West Los Angeles, CA. and also Student Council Faculty Advisor and Boys Varsity Basketball Coach
  • Dean Alger, 1978
    Working in the Office of the Secretary of State of Minnesota as a consultant; ran for Secretary of State in 2002 as the nominated candidate for the Independence Party; advised the DFL candidate in 2006; in 1990, he was the senior staff person in upset victory that sent Paul Wellstone to the US Senate
  • Janni Aragon, 2003
    Sessional Instructor at the University of Victoria in Canada in Women’s Studies and Political Science; also do consulting work for non-profit organization
  • Marisol Avina, 2001
    She is working in the Assembly Education Committee in Sacramento analyzing K-12 legislation and has been working at the State Capitol for five years in different capacities.
  • Jim Bird, 1970
    He has been a science librarian for the last 30 years, currently at the University of Maine, Orono.  Previously at the University of Maryland, College Park and Center for Long Term Research in Lincoln, MA.
  • Ken Chamberlain, 1992
    Web Producer, Atlantic Media Company. He recently became the online editor for the National With You: Journal Magazine’s Congress Daily publication.
  • Richard Correz, 1994
    Currently at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas training Division and Corps Staff in preparation for operations in support of the Global War on Terrorism; Special Operations Observer Trainer, US Armor; completed second tour in Iraq as a Psychological Operations Officer.
  • Tanith Fowler Corsi, 1992
    Assistant VP for Global Education at The Catholic University of America. She is in charge of the Center for Global Education which oversees education abroad and international student and scholar services.  She received her Masters of Arts in International Communication in Washington, DC in 1995.
  • Sarah Cousins, 2003
    Research Coordinator for Substance Abuse
  • Renee Marshall Day, 1989
    Completed term as President of the UNA Citrus Belt (now Inland Empire) Chapter in 2010. Completed master’s degree in Diplomacy with a concentration in International Conflict Management at Norwich University in Vermont. Consultant for the International Education and Research Network, iEARN-USA as course facilitator for online professional development courses.
  • Rahal Ehsan, 2005
    Currently in graduate school.
  • Orlando Espino, 2006
    Police Officer in a Border City.
  • Mac R. Fisher, 1975
    Appointed to Superior Court of Riverside County, June 2007.
  • Bonnie Smith Flach, 1982
    Freelance nature and wildlife photographer.
  • Michael Givel, 1988
    Promoted to Political Science Associate Professor at U. of Oklahoma. Areas of research interest include public policy, health policy, and urban politics; Named to Who’s Who in Medicine and Health Care, 2006-2007. Awarded Fulbright teaching and research award to Bhutan – he is the first U.S. Fulbright in Bhutan and will be in residence at Royal Institute of Management. Teach graduate public administration course and conduct research on Bhutan’s unique tobacco control law.
  • Rina Gonzales, 1999
    Deputy City Attorney, City of Riverside; General Counsel to the Library and Museum Departments and assist with Development Department, Planning Division and Redevelopment issues.
  • Kevin Grisham, 2009
    Coordinator Social Science B.A. Program at CSUSB.  Fulltime lecturer in Dept. of Geography and Environmental Studies at CSUSB.  Faculty Advisor, Model UN and Model Arab League Programs.  Executive Board Member, Center for Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies; Secretary National Collegiate Conference Association.
  • Kim Holcomb, 1996
    Television News Reporter, KING-TV in Seattle, Washington; received her Master’s degree in broadcast journalism from Boston University
  • David R. Horn
    No information given.
  • Kim Jarrell Johnson, 1983
    Historic Preservation Planner, City of Riverside. Has published three books on local history: “Jurupa”, “Rubidoux”, and “Riverside’s Mission Inn”.  Her interest in local history began in political science courses taught by Ron Loveridge.  Her personal interest along with experience as a local planner for the County of Riverside has turned into a new career in local history.  “You never know where your experiences at UCR will lead you!”
  • Edward Levy, 1957
    Retired after 30 years as a lobbyist in Sacramento. Now just fuming at how screwed up everything has become.
  • Linda Kelly, 1990
    City Manager for the City of Sonoma, CA. She started employment as City Manager in January 2008.  UCR graduate in 1990 with M.A. in Political Science.  Her maiden name: Linda K. Biro. Blog:
  • Carole Kennedy, 1998
    Associate Professor of Political Science at San Diego State University
  • Shirley Kim, 2004
    1LT, US Army, Afghanistan
  • Grant Klein, 1991
    Staff Research Associate at UCR in the Department of Botany and Plant Sciences (1993 – 2007).  In 2007, Technical Editor for Statistical Research, Inc. a cultural resource management firm in Redlands, CA specializing in archaeology, anthropology, history, and historic architecture.
  • Michael Kraft, 1966
    Teaching at UW-Green Bay and updating texts every few years.  A new co-authored book is in press at MIT Press:  Coming Clean: Information Disclosure and Environmental Performance (late 2010).
  • Dr. William H. Kraus
    No information given.
  • Richard J. Lamb, 1966
    Currently retired; spent nine years working in Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance for Terumo Medial Company a medical device company (automated blood processing equipment)
  • Eric S. Lee, 1999
    Criminal Prosecutor; Attorney in US Army, Fort Hood, TX; deployed to Iraq in 2005; Masters of Law (LLM), 2002, George Washington University.
  • Noel Lee, 1997
    IT Site Executive, Perot Systems
  • Richard Lemire, 1978
    Senior Public Information Specialist, Community Action Partnership of Riverside County (CAP); CAP is an anti-poverty agency
  • Doreen Liberto-Blanck
    President, Earth Design, Inc. which specializes in conflict resolution of multi-stakeholder land use and environmental issues; Former San Luis Obispo County Planning Commissioner; Part-time lecturer Cal Poly University City and Regional Planning Dept., San Luis Obispo.
  • Berson Lin, 2003
    No information given.
  • Javier H. Lopez
    Associate Faculty, U. of Phoenix; Completing dissertation for Doctor of Public Administration Degree at U. of La Verne; In process of establishing Coachella Valley Institute of Public Policy to disseminate information on issues affecting minorities in Coachella Valley.
  • Angelina Mancillas, 2007
    Serving as legislative assistant in the Washington, D.C. office of Congresswoman Linda T. Sanchez (CA-39) for the past two years.  Prior to this position, I was a fellow with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute in D.C.
  • Pandelis Chris Margaronis, 2007
    Working in political consulting from 2007 – 2009:  Obama Campaign in Cleveland, OH; then moved to Georgia for senate runoff race for Jim Martin who was defeated by Saxby Chambliss.  I began working in the office of Congressman Jerry McNerney from Stockton, CA where I am today on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.
  • Ashleigh Nicole Martinez-Micklis, 2006
    May 2010, graduated from Thomas Jefferson School of Law with a juris doctor. Sat for and passed the July 2010 California Bar Exam. On December 3, 2010 sworn in as an attorney with the State Bar of California.
  • David-Brian Moore
    No information given.
  • Gladys Negrete, 2004
    Currently finishing last quarter at UCSD Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies. Concentrating on public policy to pursue interest in public policy issues affecting immigrant communities.
  • Kay Nguyen, 2005
    Currently working as Director of Research & Planning at Cerritos Community College.
  • Paula Ginter Pabalan, 1991
    Administrator, Francisco J. Pabalan, M.D.; retired from teaching career in 1996 and began a family. Continues to do administrative work for her husband’s medical practice.
  • Jesse C. Palacios, 2003
    He is currently working on his M.A. in History (emphasis: Latin America) at Cal State Los Angeles.  He is  currently working as a substitute teacher in the Lynwood Unified School District.
  • Michael Palma, 1991
    Sr. Industry Analyst at IDC.  Latest trip took him on a National Geographic photography workshop in Oaxaca. Webpage:
  • Christian F. Pereira, 2002
    Attorney, Moreno, Becerra & Casillas; recent graduate of Loyola Law School; practicing law in Los Angeles for a firm that specializes in catastrophic injury and civil rights cases; the firm is also advisory attorneys to many of the Mexican Consulates in California
  • Vincent H. Reyes
    NASDAQ Market Maker/Equities Trading, Crowell Weedon; recently decided to work for a private wealth management firm, Signature Estate Investment Advisory, SEIA, as head trader and analyst
  • Merideth Ritter, 2000
    Teacher at Pacific High School, San Bernardino, CA in World History and World Geography
  • Shelley Beroza Roth, 2004
    Instructor in Political Science at Arapahoe Community College and Red Rocks Community College – currently taking a break from teaching to raise her children
  • Eveline Greuter Schacher, 1986
    Works for Verein FEE in Meilen, Switzerland
  • Christopher Sherman, 2004
    Budget Analyst with the City of High Point, NC since September 2007. Completed Masters of Public Administration from the Univeristy of North Carolina, 2007.  Prior to that he taught American Elections and Political Structure at the University of Bucharest, Romania
  • Donna Smith-Burgess, 1985
    In 2000, became adjunct faculty/clinical supervisor at SACHS (then an affiliate of Loma Linda University). Currently, Director Behavioral Health Clinic. My background in health policy has been a key in my post UCR education, license as a Marriage and Family Therapist and my current responsibilities..
  • Steve Sterns, 2003
    Currently teaching US History, US Government and Economics at Arlington High School in Riverside, CA.
  • Susan Thomas, 1990
    Associate Professor of Political Science, Director of the Gender and Women’s Studies program at Hollins University; President, Institute for Critical Animal Studies.
  • Deborah Tompsett-Makin, 1999
    Coordinating Editor Latin American Perspectives and continuing to teach and publish in political science.
  • Rick Uhls, 1984
    Pastor, Belmont Heights United Methodist Church, Long Beach, CA; this year will mark my 20th anniversary as a United Methodist pastor.
  • Jennifer Walsh, 1992
    Associate Professor, Azusa Pacific University since Fall 2006; served as Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at CSULA; graduated Claremont Graduate University with an M.A. and Ph.D. in Political Science; published first book, “Three Strikes Laws” by Greenwood Press.
  • Judith B. White
    Resides in Kapole, Hawaii.
  • Terri Williams, 1980
    Assistant City Attorney, Henderson City, Nevada; has been a government attorney for 23 years.
  • Charles E. Young, 1955
    Resides in Thousand Oaks, CA.