Georgia Warnke


Distinguished Professor
Director of the Center for Ideas & Society

2232 Watkins Hall
(951) 827-1555

Professor Warnke’s research interests include critical theory, hermeneutics, democratic theory and issues of race, sex and gender. Her latest books are After Identity: Rethinking Race, Sex and Gender (Cambridge University Press, 2007) and Debating Sex and Gender (Oxford University Press, 2010. Recently she has written articles on Jurgen Habermas, Richard Rorty and Clifford Geertz. Recent graduate courses have focused on Habermas, The third generation of the Frankfurt School, Hans-Georg Gadamer and issues of identity. Undergraduate courses include courses on political philosophy, feminism and Marxism.

Research Interests:

  • critical theory
  • hermeneutics
  • democratic theory
  • issues of race and gender

Recent Awards:

  • John Medlin Fellowship, National Humanities Center, 2004-2005
  • Faculty Fellow, Center for Ideas and Society, University of California, Riverside, Spring, 2003

Sample Publications:

    • Books and Collections:
      • After Identity: Rethinking Race, Sex and Gender (Cambridge University Press, 2007)
      • Debating Sex and Gender (Oxford university Press, 2010
      • Legitimate Differences: Interpretation in the Abortion Controversy and Other Public Debates, UC Press, 1999
      • Justice and Interpretation, MIT Press, 1993
      • Gadamer: Hermeneutics, Tradition and Reason, Stanford University Press, 1987
      • Translation of K.-O. Apel, Understanding and Explanation, MIT Press, 1984


  • Recent Articles:
    • “The Hermeneutic Circle vs. Dialogue” in Review of Metaphysics, 2011
    • “Geertzian Irony” in Jeffrey Alexander, Philip Smith and Matthew Norton (eds.) Interpreting Clifford Geertz:  Cultural Investigations in the Social Sciences, 2011
    • “Sex, Gender and Hermeneutics” in Jeff Malpas and Sanitago Zabala (eds.) Consequences of Hermeneutics: 50 Years After Gadamer’s Truth and Method, 2010
    • “Democracy and Interpretation” in Marianne Janack (ed.) Feminist Interpretations of Richard Rorty, 2010
    • “Continental Philosophy and the Concept of Race,” in Roy Martinez (ed.) On Race and Racism in America: Confessions in Philosophy, 2010
    • Sex, Gender and Identity” in Laurie Shrage (ed.) You’ve Change: Sex Change and Personal Identity Oxford University Press, 2009
    • “Race, Gender and Antiessentialist Politics” in Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, 2005