Current Projects

In addition to teaching, advising, and conducting research, our faculty are involved in a wide range of collaborative projects that cross disciplinary boundaries and serve the University community.

The Blakely Center for Sustainable Suburban Development (CSSD) Faculty member Juliann Emmons Allison is Associate Director for CSSD, established in 2003 to provide research and analysis with a policy focus on the wide range of issues confronted by suburban communities throughout the world. As Associate Director, Allison seeks to strengthen ties between the Center and UCR’s faculty by aiding research efforts, finding funding for graduate
students and their research, and identifying faculty members interested in the Center’s research projects. Additional information about CSSD is available at:

Thanks to the initiative of political science faculty members Martin Johnson and Karthick Ramakrishnan, and Mindy Marks in economics, UCR now has a policy brief quarterly that features rigorous research that is presented in an accessible manner to decisionmakers, journalists, and the general public. In addition to Johnson and Ramakrishnan, John Cioffi and Kevin Esterling serve on the editorial board for this publication. Read more about the journal here: