Research Cluster – Ethnicity and Identity


Shaun Bowler’s interests in the politics of race, immigration, and ethnicity include the political behavior of groups in diverse contexts such as California. His recent publications include a book and an edited volume on minority politics and several articles on Latino politics.

Ben Bishin’s interests include questions of democracy, representation, elections, public opinion and legislative politics. He has written on Cuban American public opinion, and has conducted bilingual exit polls in Miami-Dade. Ben’s recent book on subconstituency politics and representation called Tyranny of the Minority: The Subconstituency Politics Theory of Representation (Temple, 2009) employs Social Identity Theory to develop and test a theory of American democracy.

Loren Collingwood investigates cross-racial mobilization, the strategies candidates use to encourage the political participation and earn the political support of members of different racial and ethnic groups.  He is also working on projects investigating immigration policy, minority voter registration, and the expression of racial attitudes.

Karthick Ramakrishnan’s research interests include political participation, civic voluntarism, and the politics of race, ethnicity, and immigration in the United States. His articles have appeared in such venues as DuBois Review, International Migration Review, NYU Law Review, Perspectives on Politics, Social Science Quarterly, and Urban Affairs Review. He has published four books on immigrant civic engagement (including two edited volumes), and is currently working on two books on immigration policy.

Georgia Warnke’s research interests include critical theory, hermeneutics, democratic theory and issues of race, sex and gender. Her latest books are After Identity: Rethinking Race, Sex and Gender (Cambridge University Press, 2007) and Debating Sex and Gender (Oxford University Press, 2010).

Relevant Courses


  • POSC 017. Politics of the Underdeveloped World
  • POSC 108. Politics of Race, Immigration, and Ethnicity in the United States
  • POSC 109. Political Religions and Religious Politics
  • POSC 120. The Politics of India and Pakistan
  • POSC 123. Conflict Resolution
  • POSC 133. Politics of Central Asia in Comparative Perspective
  • POSC 152. Politics of the Middle East
  • POSC 172. Urban Politics and Policies


  • POSC 208. Seminar in Representation
  • POSC 220. Politics of Race, Immigration, and Ethnicity
  • POSC 251. Seminar in Urban Analysis and Issues
  • POSC 263. Seminar on Conflict and Peace

Selected Publications

  • Bishin, Benjamin, and Casey Klofstad. Forthcoming. “Deceit, Diversity, or Mobilization? Intra-ethnic Diversity and Changing Patterns in Florida’s Hispanic Vote,” Social Science Journal.
  • Bishin, Benjamin, Andy Gomez, and Casey Klofstad. 2009. “Miami Dade’s Cuban American Voters in the 2008 election,” Cuban Affairs.
  • Bishin, Benjamin. 2009. Tyranny of the Minority: The Subconstituency Politics Theory of Representation. Philadelphia, PA: Temple University Press.
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