Name & Contact Information Subfield(s) Research Interests
Benjamin G. Bishin Professor 2221 Watkins Hall (951) 827-4637   e-mail: ben.bishin@ucr.edu American Politics, Mass Political Behavior Representation, elections, political behavior, public opinion, Cuban American politics, Congress
Shaun Bowler Distinguished Professor and Interim Dean of CHASS 2225 Watkins Hall (951) 827-5595 e-mail: shaun.bowler@ucr.edu Comparative Politics, Mass Political Behavior Electoral systems, voting behavior, U.S. and Europe
Marissa Brookes Assistant Professor 2223 Watkins Hall (951) 827-5510 email: marissa.brookes@ucr.edu International Relations, Comparative Politics Political economy, labor and capital, globalization
Miguel Carreras Assistant Professor 2232 Watkins Hall (951) 827-5601 email: miguel.carreras@ucr.edu Latin American Politics, Comparative Political Behavior Elections, Political Parties, Party Systems
John Cioffi Associate Professor2216 Watkins Hall (951) 827-7269 e-mail: cioffi@citrus.ucr.edu Comparative Politics Public law, political economy, regulation, U.S. and Europe
Loren Collingwood Assistant Professor 2229 Watkins Hall e-mail: loren.collingwood@ucr.edu Comparative Politics American politics, methods, race and ethnic politics
Kevin M. Esterling Professor & Associate Dean of the Graduate Division 2228 Watkins Hall (951) 827-3833 e-mail: kevin.esterling@ucr.edu American Politics Political information, lobbying, public policy, deliberation experiments, statistical estimation of treatment effects
Farah Godrej Associate Professor 2213 Watkins Hall (951) 827-4693 e-mail: farah.godrej@ucr.edu Political Theory Comparative political philosophy, feminist thought, globalization
Jana Grittersova  Assistant Professor 2230 Watkins Hall (951) 827-5597 e-mail: jana.grittersova@ucr.edu  International Relations, Comparative Politics
Noel P. Johnston  Assistant Professor Watkins Hall (951) 827-5597 e-mail:noel.pereyra-johnston@ucr.edu  International Relations
Indridi Indridason  Associate Professor & Director of Graduate Admissions 2227 Watkins Hall (509) 207-4431 indridi.indridason@ucr.edu Comparative Politics, Formal Theory Comparative Political Institutions, elections and electoral behavior, coalition formation and the organization of coalition cabinets
Paul D’AnierProfessor, Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor 2224 Watkins Hall (951) 827-6390 e-mail: elaine.winn@ucr.edu  Comparative Politics, International Relations  East European and Post-Soviet Politics
John Christian Laursen Professor2224 Watkins Hall (951) 827-6390 e-mail: johnl@ucr.edu Political Theory History of political thought, skepticism, liberalism, cosmopolitanism, and freedom of the press
Bronwyn Anne Leebaw Associate Professor2213 Watkins Hall (951) 827-7379 e-mail: bronwyn.leebaw@ucr.edu International Relations, Political Theory Human rights, humanitarian movements, transitional justice
Steven Liao Assistant Professor 2217 Watkins Hall (951) 827-5597 e-mail: steven.liao@ucr.edu International Relations Political economy, political methodology, migration, currency politics
Ronald O. Loveridge Director, CSSD & former Mayor of Riverside 2217 Watkins Hall (951) 827-4548 e-mail: ronald.loveridge@ucr.edu American Politics Urban politics, California politics, leadership, public policy
John N. Medearis Associate Professor and Chair 2226 Watkins Hall (951) 827-4345 e-mail: medearis@citrus.ucr.edu Political Theory Democratic theory, social movements, social science methodology
Francisco I. Pedraza Assistant Professor 4127 INTS (951) 827-5594 e-mail: francisco.pedraza@ucr.edu American Politics & Mass Political Behavior Civil-military relations, human rights, Latin America
David S. Pion-Berlin Professor 2215 Watkins Hall (951) 827-4606 e-mail: david.pion@ucr.edu Comparative Politics political participation, public opinion, immigration policy, survey methodology, intersection of politics and health
S. Karthick Ramakrishnan Professor & Associate Dean, School of Public Policy 2220 Watkins Hall(951) 827-5540 e-mail: karthick.ramakrishnan@ucr.edu American Politics, Mass Political Behavior Immigration and race/ethnicity, civic engagement, public policy
Melinda Ritchie Assistant Professor 2233 Watkins Hall (951) 827-5597 e-mail: melinda.ritchie@ucr.edu American Politics U.S. Congress, representation, bureaucratic Politics, public policy
Georgia Warnke Distinguished Professor & Director of the Center for Ideas & Society 2232 Watkins Hall (951) 827-1555 email: georgia.warnke@ucr.edu Political Theory Critical theory, hermeneutics, democratic theory and issues of race, sex and gender.
Nicholas Weller Assistant Professor 2220 Watkins Hall  email: nicholas.weller@.ucr.edu American Politics, Mass Political Behavior, International Relations Communication and political behavior, collective action problems, research methods