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Shaun Bowler
Shaun Bowler Distinguished Professor and Associate Dean of CHASS
Comparative Politics, Mass Political Behavior
Electoral Systems
Voting Behavior
U.S. and Europe
Paul D'Anieri
Paul D'Anieri Professor, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor
Comparative Politics and International Relations
East European and Post- Soviet Politics
Noel P. Johnston
Noel P. Johnston Assistant Professor
International Relations
Kelechi A. Kalu
Kelechi A. Kalu Professor & Vice Provost for International Affairs
International Politics
African Political Economy
U.S. Africa Relations
Ronald O. Loveridge
Ronald O. Loveridge Director, CSSD & Former Mayor of Riverside
American Politics
Urban Politics
California Politics
Public Policy
Ajay Verghese
Ajay Verghese Assistant Professor
Comparative Politics
Georgia Warnke
Georgia Warnke Distinguished Professor and Director of the Center for Ideas and Society
Political Theory
Critical Theory
Democratic Theory and issues of race, sex and gender